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Paige Alexander

Paige Alexander
RN, Wellness Coach, FARA, NCMT, Wife, Mother, Glamma
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My Story

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For as long as I can remember, sugar had a hold on me. My earliest memories are held around the dessert consumed at life events. Even as a kid I was negotiating my second serving before my first bite. I thought I was getting away with my dessert-only diet because my weight was under control...thinking that was the measuring tool for my sugar binges. I knew I hated those out-of-control episodes where I could not stop until I was too sick to continue, or everything was gone. Each time was more terrifying and traumatic than the last, a total free fall into the abyss with no end in sight. I looked for answers in every diet known to man, which ultimately only exacerbated the addiction. 

It wasn’t until I discovered the science behind food addiction, and how sugar is 10 times more addictive than cocaine, that I finally understood what was happening in the brain. Now I knew where to start, and how to control blood flow to my frontal lobe, as well as skills to keep my noggin calm, a key in recovery.


For me, the ultimate goal in recovery maturity is the application of skills, which leads to impulse control, and that is where freedom is found.  I have finally been able to manage my weight for several years without weighing.  I have reached my goal through a combination of nutrition, movement (shifting from heavy cardio to more weight training), sleep and relationships. 


This gift is available to all, I want everyone to have what I have, no one should suffer needlessly.  Join me, won’t you!? 

In good health, Paige

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