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Do you believe in the power of recovery to transform your life? Are you passionate about sharing your process and beliefs about recovery with others? Do you get energy from watching others grow in their own recovery? Would you like to contribute your time and energy to grow this recovery community?

Then we’d love for you to join our leadership team in the RFR Connections Community!

Here’s how it works…

We are not offering a part-time income or in existence to make anyone rich. Real Food Recovery’s mission is to empower our listeners and community members with the skills, knowledge, connection, and resources to recover successfully.


If you believe you have the experience to share and a heart to serve, then let’s see if it’s a good fit to work together.

RFR Leader Requirements:

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  • You have been in an active program of recovery for at least 2-3 years

  • Must be proficient in, or currently practicing the following:

  • Food Prep

  • Daily Movement

  • Sleep/Rest Hygiene

  • Spiritual Connection

  • Community Connection

  • Stress Management

  • Service to Others

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Relationship with Inner Family

  • Writing Practice

  • A Compassionate Heart for Service

  • A Desire to Share Wisdom 

  • Experience with Emotional Processing

  • Motivational Interviewing Skills

  • Reframing

  • Familiarity with CBT/DBT or ACT Principles

Real Food Recovery Academy is looking to expand its course offerings over the next year. These courses are designed to complement the recovery journey of our members. For qualified thought leaders, there are income opportunities available. 


To be considered for course facilitation, we will ask you to provide a course outline and description of your course content that is actionable and growth-focused. Please email us to start the conversation.

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