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Try Individual Coaching with our RFR Leaders

  • Paige Alexander, RN:  Paige comes to RFR with an emphasis on organizational living.  She believes that action generates positive emotion. Paige knows that once we roll up our sleeves and get to work, we have the opportunity to uncover our true authentic selves.  Then, and only then, after the numbing and distraction from addictive behavior stops, do we have genuine access to our authentic feelings.  Now we are positioned to make a plan, always starting with the basics of food, sleep, movement, and spirituality.  


  • Jamie Morgan Reno, MBA, ICF-PCC: Jamie’s 15-year journey into recovery from morbid obesity was about way more than just losing weight. Her certified coaching practice focuses on personal values, self-awareness, and inner family healing modalities that are game-changers for her clients.  Jamie authentically shares about her long, beautiful, but sometimes painful, journey in an inspiring way. After all, her 250lb weight loss created a whole new person - one who is grateful for the trials she endured and the lessons she learned from them. Jamie now understands that she traveled this path of addiction, obesity, and recovery so she could help others find their way out, too. 

  • Shae Williams, Habit and Behavior Change and Root-Cause-Trauma-Informed Coach: Shae helps bring deep-rooted belief system change at an ecological level to habits that are no longer serving you well. Together Shae will help you rewrite new beliefs and rewire them, in depth, all while regulating your nervous system. She cheers you on as you begin moving forward in that upgraded version of you that you’ve longed for and deserve to be.

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