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MBA, Professional Coach, Woman, Wife, Bonus Parent & Dog Mom

After 30+ years of morbid obesity and undiagnosed food addiction, I took charge of my health and healing. 15+ years ago, I began a journey to lose 250 lbs without surgery or pills. I’ve consistently maintained and improved my health since, reversing pre-diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, joint issues, and other metabolic diseases. Today, I’m proud to be in the top .01% of successful long-term US dieters according to the National Weight Loss Registry. ​ I love my work as a transformational leadership, organizational, and human experience strategist, speaker, and coach. After earning my MBA in Organizational Development and growing as a resilient student of life, I found joy and purpose in coaching teams and individuals across many industries. I thrive on guiding leaders, teams, and individuals on change, improvements in self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication dynamics, and goal attainment. ​ I share my story of recovery in honest and relatable ways because I’ve been through it all. I know what it takes to create a healthy lifestyle from the inside out – no quick fixes or magic pills! By sharing personal, engaging, and vulnerable lessons about recovery from morbid obesity and food addiction, I educate and promote self-awareness. I love inspiring change, from within, that works.

Jamie Morgan Reno

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